Poultry feed supplement

Poultry feed supplement

That helps to improve the health of  Poultry

Poultry feed supplements consists of calcium, proteins ,vitamins, minerals which helps to improve the health of birds.

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These feed supplements are mostly used by poultry farmers for improving the health of birds and increases the income of farmer.

By the regular use of Poultry feed supplement growth of birds increases rapidly.

These supplements help in general health, immunity, growth, body weights and helps in early recovery of ailing birds.

Feed supplements provide better growth & Production in Poultry.

Feed supplements prevents many types of disease.

Generally Birds weight increases 2kg in 45 days.

With using the poultry supplements birds weight increase 2 kg in 35 days.

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Poultry Products

  • Anfacal                        –   Chelated Calcium supplement
  •                                              with vitamin D3
  • Anfahep                    –    Poultry liver protective powder
  • Anfaplex liquid        –   Vitamin B-Complex with                                                                                              amino power
  • Anfazyme                  –   Poultry Enzymes and probiotics
  • Concelyte                   –  Concentrated electrolyte
  • Destrolyte                  –  Poultry Feed electrolyte
  • Natural liver tonic   –  Organic liver tonic
  • Neutro CPD liquid  –    Calcium with liver and                                                                                 Growth tonic
  • Ovimin                        –   Feed additive to increase

    egg production

  • Vitamino Liquid      –    Vitamin A,D3,E,C supplement
  • Vitamino Powder    –    Chelated vitamins fortified with                                                           trace minerals